Rowing has been my life since dreams of Pro Rugby were cut short due to injury. A fortunate injury, it turns out. Rowing has given me some of the highest highs (and maybe lowest lows). It has now given me a career, and I even found a wife. I have come full circle. Born in Edinburgh in the 80’s (that’s enough detail), I have lived and rowed in Scotland, England and Ireland.

I have represented Scotland, Great Britain and Ireland as an athlete (some with success, others less so) before returning to the city of my birth to take on the task that has been my new life for the last 3 years. Rowing is life. Life is Rowing. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I also like cats. And dogs, but I’m not allowed one.

I rowed at Edinburgh between 2002-2009 and then was involved in coaching from that point on. Coaching the Novice Men in the 2012/13 season was the seed that then saw me wish to pursue a career in coaching and so in the 2013/14 season I became a full time coach at the club and began coaching the Senior Women’s Squad. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Senior Women’s Squad has grown from strength to strength over the past three seasons and as always, the aim is to continue to better the former years results. This season will see us field a very young, fresh-faced squad but I believe with just the right amount of former experience and Celeste Magic to drive it forward.

From a very young age I was involved in rowing at Inverness Rowing Club, and have since continued to be involved with the sport. Before becoming the performance coach for EUBC’s Novice Men’s coach last year, I volunteered as an assistant coach for EUBC’s Senior Women’s Squad.

I am a final year Applied Sport Science student and am excited to welcome and train this year’s novice men’s squad.

I have just finished my role as a Henley Stewards Charitable Trust coach in Leeds where I have been coaching the junior squads and studying for a master’s in sports psychology.

Alongside this I have coached the senior men’s squad at Leeds for their most successful season to date. I’m really looking forward to joining the coaching team at EUBC and coaching the novice women over the next year.

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